Die Anziehungskraft der Bäume

A collaboration between Kat Austen and choreographer Moritz Frischkorn, based on the essay ‘Laubwerk’ by Marion Poschman, for which the author was awarded WORTMELDUNGEN – Der Literaturpreis für kritische Kurztexte der Crespo Foundation in 2021. The the audiowalk takes you on a journey through urban treescapes.

‘Die Anziehungskraft der Bäume’/’The Gravity of Trees’ awakens childhood memories, pays close attention to individual trees and creates a space in which listeners may be affected by the presence and rhythm of the trees in their vicinity. While walking, they also hear excerpts from Poschmann’s essay, a poetic reflection on our coexistence with trees. Thus, a new sense of the interconnectedness and co-dependence of human and arboreal city dwellers emerges.

The Audiowalk works location-independently and can also be carried out outside of Frankfurt. There is a Frankfurt specific tour recommendation though. The artists recommend listening to the Audiowalk with headphones. The audiowalk is available through the website www.wortmeldungen.org/audiowalk, on Apple Podcast and Spotify. It is free to download and experience it anywhere you go.

Duration: approx. 40 min
Language: German

Text, choreography: Moritz Frischkorn
Sound and Composition: Kat Austen
Speakers: Moritz Frischkorn, Marion Poschmann
Dramaturgical advice: Jeanne Charlotte Vogt
Word direction: Heinrich Horwitz
Location management, mastering: Studio Lärm / Birte Gerstenkorn, Joel Vogel

Audiowalk is produced by Crespo Foundation.
In cooperation with MousonturmNODE and hr2 kultur.