Flows 2.0 | Treading the Steep Route


Treading the Steep Route is an undercover installation. Use of the functional hot water urn triggers at random from a selection of crowd-sourced audio recordings of transactions from the global tea trade: the Mombassa Tea Auction, Assam tea pickers being paid, tea being paid for in an Italian Café. It builds on research from Flows 1.0.

Installation at Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, 2015.

Taking Tea: listening to financial transactions that arise from the global tea industry

Treading the Steep Route was produced with thanks to:

Ajith de Alwis, Gayani de Alwis, COSTI (Sri Lanka), Dilmah Teas, Shezri Junaid, Alex Shure, Simon Barraclough, Kaveer Gogoi, Adrian Jones, Dr C Austen, Mr C Austen, Samantha Di Giovanni, Steve Banner, Sasha Kinney, Matt Freear, Brett Scott, Tom O’Dea, Jun Matsushita, Project SYMPHONY.