Fossil Echoes

Fossil Echoes by Kat Austen draws together two of the artist’s works that focus on the consequences of human addiction to fossil fuels. On one side, This Land is Not Mine about brown coal mining and its effect on landscape and culture. On the other, Stranger to the Trees about how microplastics created from oil interact with trees.

This bi-lingual (German / English) publication has a Foreword by artist and curator Dominika Kluszczyk with translation by Vanessa Kreitlow.

The book is available as a limited edition hard copy and as a PDF under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

Download your copy of Fossil Echoes by Kat Austen (pdf 363 MB)

ISBN: 978-3-00-072537-1

The publication was funded as part of the Neustart Kulture Module C funding afforded for Stranger to the Trees by BBK Berlin.

Documentary photographs: Andreas Baudisch
Book design / additional images: Kristen Rästas
Cover design / production: Helene Bosecker