Mapping Gender

Photos: Camilla Greenwell

Maps carve borders through landscapes. Clothes are maps for the body. Both are arbitrary constructs, omnipresent in our society, and have a real impact on people. 

Mapping Gender is a multisensory exhibition of dance, image, scent, sound and research. It’s an invitation to explore the parallels between cartography and historical clothing through a lens of non-binary experiences. Created by Anders Duckworth in collaboration with sound artist Kat AustenMapping Gender looks at landscapes, the way we draw borders and create boundaries on maps to carve up geographical space whilst also asking us to explore how we look at the body and how we use gender to carve and divide people.

Created in collaboration with nine interdisciplinary artists and a group of trans/non-binary volunteers, Mapping Gender includes selections from a series of recorded interviews with non-binary people discussing their personal experiences. By drawing together people who exist on the margins and the ‘in-between’ spaces we open up new possibilities and provide an opportunity to re-discover the place and complexities we find in gender.

Mapping Gender on Anders Duckworth’s website

Mapping Gender premiered at The Place, London, in September 2022.


Mapping Gender by Anders Duckworth, in collaboration with Kat Austen

Choreographer /Performer: 
Anders Duckworth 
Sound Artist:
 Kat Austen 
Kit Hinchliffe 
LX Designer:
 Martha Godfrey 
Dramaturg: Emma Frankland 
Costume Designer: Nadia Miah
Costume Makers: Nadia Miah & Laura Rose Moran-Morris
Scent Artist: John Foley 
Outside Eye: 
Ania Varez 
Rosie Powell & Guy J Sanders 
Reece McMahon & Emily Beecher, The REcreate Agency

Thanks to Lawrie Smail and Antigone Exton-White for their continued support. With special thanks to the non-binary volunteers who contributed their thoughts and voices to this research process. Commissioned by The Place & DanceCity. Produced by The REcreate Agency. Supported by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts, Curious Arts, Ugly Duck & Cambridge Junction. R&D supported by The Place, Yorkshire Dance, DanceCity. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Anders Duckworth is a Work Place Artist.