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The multimedia project Stranger to the Trees investigates the coexistence of microplastics and birch trees as carbon sinks: How do microplastics behave in urban and rural regions in times of climate crisis? What is the role of microplastics as reservoirs of carbon? How do trees interact with microplastics found in the atmosphere and soil? The omnipresent existence of plastic particles in ecosystems can be detected from our atmosphere to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and raises many questions about how to deal with plastic.

This global problem is at the same moment a micropolitical phenomenon of individual responsibility – what are the consequences of one’s own consumption in relation to the environment? In this new cooperation with, the physical Stranger to the Trees installation will be augmented by an online instance of the work to create an analogue-local, digital-global instance of the work.

The project is characterized by a multifaceted program that focuses on Berlin as an urban space on the one hand and on the potentials of the internet’s reach on the other hand.

#in cooperation with the exhibition Fossil Experience
by Prater Galerie

The multimedia installation will be shown in the context of the exhibition Fossile Experiences at Wasserspeicher from April 22 2022 until May 8 2022.

Großer Wasserspeicher
Belforter Straße, 10405 Berlin

Exhibition opening: 22.04.2022, 6-10 pm, Großer Wasserspeicher
Opening hours: 23.04. – 08.05.2022, 12-8 pm daily, Thursdays 12–10 pm

#Workshop Participatory Artistic Research: Exploring Airborne Microplastics
In addition to the presentation of the installation, a 3 × 4 meter gauze-fabric rectangle will be installed in the urban area of Berlin between trees, following two functions:

1. the fabric collects condensed water, which will be analyzed for microplastics in the atmosphere with the participation of the public in DIY workshops.

 2. after dusk, they serve as projection surfaces for STTT’s two video works, which are shown accompanied by a soundscape.

Workshop: 07.05.2022, 5:30-8 pm
in the courtyard of Museum Pankow
Prenzlauer Allee 227-228, 10405 Berlin

#cooperation with

Opening: 20.4.2022, 7 pm
Exhibition: 20.4.-20.5.2022

In cooperation with the post-gallery. online a virtual equivalent of STTT is created, which will be developed by the internet designers and media experts Kelli Gedvil and Kristen Rästas after the installation has been set up; this cooperation acts as an independent work. The online presentation takes a non-hierarchical, international approach to the work and its thematic context. Visit the exhibition here

Visitors are invited to engage with the topics of microplastics, ecosystems, personal responsibility and the climate crisis in a multifaceted and low-threshold way.

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Stranger to the Trees in cooperation with is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.