Sushi Roulette


Sushi Roulette is a multi-day workshop for participatory artistic and DIY science research into microplastics in fish, developed in collaboration with Gjino Šutić.

Microplastics have been gaining more and more public attention over the last few years. These small plastic particles have been shown to pervade the marine environment, and have been found to affect the wellbeing – and possibly even the behaviour – of marine species.

Šutić and Austen have been working with the topic of microplaslic pollution since 2015 and the  Pikslo_Deep Dive workshop at Piksel festival. Austen addresses the issue through the embodied interspecies interface that is the Coral Empathy Device (2016) .

The Sushi Roulette workshop uses DIY chemical analysis to explore microplastic ingestion by fish, and facilitates co-design with the participants to come up with new ideas about how art and design can address this problem of plastic use and accumulation.

Sushi Roulette workshop at S.Net  was produced by Piksel in collaboration with S.Net, KHiB and UIB.

Sushi Roulette at Experiment Zukunft, Kunsthalle Rostock.

Article in Ostsee-Zeitung

TV Coverage (in German) on Nordmagazin, NDR.

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