This Land is Not Mine

Photo by Andreas Baudisch

This Land is Not Mine focusses on the region of Lusatia, where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet, the home of the Sorbian minority group. This new media project explores identity in a region of co-existing cultures that is undergoing fundamental socio-economic changes as brown coal mining in the region is phased out.

The work will be presented as a series of sound compositions and video connecting the changing identity of the region and sustainable transitions. Field recordings of the mines and surrounding areas and sounds of the chemistry of the water in the region (using the artist’s specially developed instruments) will be combined with sounds gathered from the region‘s community members that characterise their own identity, and through discussions around the way in which the region is changing. The artwork, and the collaborative processes that generate it, will foment change towards sustainability by probing the roots of the region’s identity, thereby sparking new conversations and possibilities about Lusatia’s future.

This Land is Not Mine focusses on how identity plays a role in shaping the sustainability of the region in the future, with a particular focus on integrating Sorbian identity in a coherent narrative for the region’s population. Sustainability requires not only this stepping away from coal and innovation, but also to connect with less tangible resources already present, such as culture, experience and tradition.

Read more on the IASS Blog: What do you know about Lusatia? (available in English and German)

Do you live in Lusatia? Contribute sounds from the region to the sound database of This Land Is Not Mine through our new microsite. On Monday 21st September 2020 we launched the new microsite to crowdsource Sounds of Lusatia:

The project This Land is Not Mine is funded by the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies Potsdam (IASS Potsdam) in the context of an artistic research fellowship.


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